Hatemost Kanon (dj Silence)

Hatemost Kanon (dj Silence)

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Hatemost or Prince XXIII, became known through the emblematic VitaPeis and is considered, today, one of the most renowned artists of the Greek hip hop scene. He has a unique and diverse musical style and his rapping is always a challenge.

RNS sharp rapper Kanon has stood out for his excellent productions, with unique skills and has managed to be at the top of the domestic hardcore rap scene. His live shows are always a real experience, with very strong lyrics and intensity.

Dj Silence urban club sound pioneer since 2003 , founder of Good Vybz Music and founding member of the dj duo "Kush Electricity", alongside producer Skive. Member Of Capital Music Records Resident Dj @ Toyroom Mykonos, Toyroom Athens, one of the most unique and influential figures in the Athenian club scene known for setting the trends for clubs as his sets were a big influence to shape the present Greek urban club form.