On Decks ATSOU

On Decks ATSOU

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Atsou wasn’t into house music since he was 12.He didn’t dj at school parties,

neither did he make mixtapes in secret at night. Since 2007 though, when he had

his first contact with the club culture, he had the dream to fill his whole

room with records and spin them. A lot. Everywhere. It doesn’t matter if its

disco, deep, or afro. It just has to be full of soul. It’s just music, and it’s

supposed to make you dance, smile and be who you wanted to be. Bearing this in

mind, he plays around Greece and Europe, throwing parties as a member of

Madorasindahouse in Berlin (Watergate), Paris (Djoon), Rome (Coropuna),

Thessaloniki (Uberdooze) and more.