On Decks DJ Akylla

On Decks DJ Akylla

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DJ Akylla, resident dj of the legendary party Magna until 2000 and later initiator and resident dj of Breathe Deep-Athens, has managed to identify with the formation of the domestic underground club culture and more specifically with the spread of soulful house, from the inside of the 90s. At the same time, he has received international recognition, participating both in the team of the leading and longest-running underground dance party in New York, the legendary Shelter, as well as in European gigs, alongside leading artists of the field, such as Masters at Work and Francois Kevorkian.  

Akylla today continues with the same passion to travel the devoted audience of Breathe Deep, through long sets with deep driving tribal beats and soulful vocals. And he remains faithful to his musical roots and the original philosophy of underground club culture, according to which music and dancers are interrelated elements.