Shapes Festival Djeff - Nu Genea DJ set & live keys – Melè - Fannoire Ge

Shapes Festival  Djeff - Nu Genea DJ set & live keys – Melè - Fannoire Ge

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Lisbon was the city that saw DJEFF born in 1984 and where paternal Cape Verde and maternal Angola came together. DJEFF brings us a sound often defined as “Afro Tech”. In 1999, he began to attend the matinees at Bauhaus, Estoril's historic club in Lisbon, while friends dance, DJEFF observes the DJ and the fascination is born. From here a journey begins - buy a mixer to mix with two Discmans; collects dance music and investigates styles and DJs - until he discovers Erick Morillo, that global reference of the art of mixing that would serve as an inspiration to DJEFF until today.

Nu Genea DJ set & live keys 
The Naples formed, Berlin-based duo Nu Genea creates sounds that are influenced from the idea of an exotic, far distanced place. By combining various music genres that are related to dancefloor music in its purest sense, they create a distinct sound, palpating genre routes floating from obscure disco to world-etno music. Nu Genea is a project that arose out of jam sessions, melting synthesizers with instruments, containing a handmade sound that is not aiming for perfection but genuineness.

Renowned for powering the dancefloor with octane dynamism, Melé is an artist who fully warrants his current status as a revered selector and producer. Boasting a particular niche of sound that utilises a mesh of world music influenced house, transatlantic hip hop, broader UK sounds and classic Chicago grooves, the boy from the Wirral is gaining worldwide recognition by the minute.

Fannoire Ge
London based, Fannoire Ge is widely known for his former monthly radio shows, on Hackney’s award winning Netil Radio as well as North London’s Back2Back FM (now Halen London). He’s taken a sabbatical from Radio in order to focus on a project of his own, becoming co-founder and Artistic Director of Mission London, London’s premium live streaming studio, based in Tottenham.